We live in a breathtaking era.
Hundreds of millions of people are connected to each other;
they share information to
create a new world in a completely different way from conventional methods.
The times have changed and so has society.
Consequently, we also need to change.
We must set out on a journey into a new world,
leveraging our greatest strength.
Creativity is required in all kinds of activities in today’s world.
The time has come when creativity, sophisticated through video production,
should be utilized in all kinds of activities in society.
Creativity in its diverse forms is emerging in today’s world.
Combining the different forms of creativity in optimal ways to maximize the outcomes
is defined as production.
Each one of us grows into a producer in the new era,
and further develops successors.
The growth of each one of us contributes to innovations in society.
Dentsu Creative X (Cross) is seeking to be a brand new group of producers.

Chief Executive Officer
Yasuo Motoi